1. HADERACH "Cult of Personality" (Digital)

  2. VOYAGE NOIR "Voyage Noir" (Digital)

  3. SIDUS ATRUM "Cold Silence" (Digital)

  4. HADERACH "Haderach" (Digital)

  5. MIDNIGHT COVEN "Bewitched" (Digital)

  6. MÖRMO "Siluetas" (Digital)

  7. DOOMCULT "Plague" (Digital)

  8. FLESH TEMPLE "Fire, Promise..." (Digital)

  9. NOYDE "Surface" (Digital)

  10. SIEMPRE GUERRAS "Cristo Quebrado" (Digital)

  11. DOOMCULT "Life Must End" (Digital)

  12. ZAIRUS​ "​Zairus" (Digital)

  13. DISCORDANT SYSTEM "Orlando" (Digital & 7'')

  14. XIBA "Xiba" (Digital)

  15. QUALEN "Patterns of Light" (Digital)

  16. DOOMCULT "Ashes" (Digital)

  17. DOOMCULT "End All Life" remastered (Digital)

  18. EYZE "Lost in Emptiness" (Digital)

  19. ETHER "Seek Through Control" (Digital)

  20. YYYY "Fenómeno entóptico del campo azul" (Digital)

  21. KRYPTA "The Name / Omerta" (Digital)

  22. DEATHWISH / KOLOSS (Digital)

  23. MURDER HOLLOW "The Adept" (Digital)

  24. DEATHWISH "To The Sitrin Aharanin" (Digital & 7'')

  25. DEATHWISH "Black Alchemy" (Digital)

  26. SERPENTS EVE "MMXVII" (Digital)

  27. SERPENTS EVE "The Slow Knife" (Digital)

  28. MISTICA "Embrio II" (Digital)

  29. EIRÐ "A Silent Spirits Aftermath" (Digital)

  30. EIRÐ "Rituals" (Digital)

  31. EIRÐ "COSMOS ONE - The (Un)known Universe" (Digital)

  32. EIRÐ "COSMOS TWO - Earth And Beyond" (Digital)

  33. ASTHME "Asthme" (Digital & 12'' vinyl)

  34. SATANS CHILDREN "Spiritual Abuse" (Digital)

  35. SATANS CHILDREN "As Above So Below" (Digital)

  36. SATANS CHILDREN "Giant Gutter In Outer Space" (Digital)

  37. CEASED "Resurrection Of The Flesh" (Digital)

  38. CRIMSON ALTAR "Clairvoyance" (Digital)

  39. BOSCO "Bosco" (Digital)

  40. SPIRAL GURU "To The Other Side" (Digital)

  41. MONUMENT "Yellowstone" (Digital)

  42. MISTICA "Embrio I" (Digital)

  43. LONERAVN SAMPLER (Digital)

  44. ELL "Sweetest Nightmare" (Digital & 12'' vinyl)

  45. GONE "Ancient Tales" (Digital)

  46. LELANTOS "Akrasia" (Digital)

  47. RUIN "Ruin" (CD & Digital)

  48. NEOS "Neos" (Digital)

  49. SAWSOER "Unceasing Growth" (Digital)

  50. SAWSOER "Astrocarcas" (Digital)

  51. SPIRIT DESCENT "Anthem" (Digital)

  52. SPIRIT DESCENT "Doominion" (Digital)

  53. SPIRIT DESCENT "VII Chapters In A Minor" (Digital)

  54. MURDER HOLLOW "Titan" (CD & Digital)

  55. SELFEXILE "Retrospective 10 years" (Digital)

  56. GYRFALCON "When cold and silence came into this world" (Digital)

  57. MEGALITH TEMPLE "European pm" (CD & Digital & 12'' vinyl)

  58. HORNED GODDESS "Hymns From The Deep North" (Digital)

  59. BLACK WINGS "Her Greatness Calls To Us" (Digital)

  60. BLACK WINGS "In Expentation Of Punishment" (Digital)

  61. SPIRIT DESCENT "Doomed Stages" (Digital)

  62. SPIRIT DESCENT "A New Doom Rising" (Digital)

  63. SPIRIT DESCENT "The Lost Album" (Digital)


Loneravn Records Ukraine

Loneravn Records is first and unique Ukrainian doom metal label. The label works with all styles of doom metal and styles that are relevant to this area. We exist only to popularize the style.

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